One Unique EHS Research Solution

Bloomberg Environment is a powerful compliance tool offering news, analysis, the full text of laws and regulations, proprietary compliance tools, and more – all on a single platform.

EHS Intelligence – at Your Fingertips

Timesaving Tools

View related documents, access relevant full text citations, customize your updates, and more.

Comprehensive Life Cycle of EHS Regulations

Compare versions of regulations, contrast state regulations with Chart Builder, and stay abreast of proposed changes with news and alerts.

Complete Coverage

Global EHS content, topically organized for easy searching.

What’s New

Enhanced Search

Improved search functionality and automated suggestions deliver tailored results, which appear by category.

Practical Guidance

A collection of checklists, practitioner insights, and government guidance documents with easy links to all of these documents.

Regulatory Tracking

View, sort, and download state and federal regulatory development reports. Regulatory custom emails link directly to sections affected by the rulemaking.

My Work History

Access previous downloads, research trail, alerts, and workspaces. Share workspaces with colleagues to promote collaboration.


What’s Available

From resources that dissect chemical regulations to expert-written guides to workplace safety and more – Bloomberg Environment helps you navigate shifts in EHS rules and regulations with ease.

  • Air Pollution Control Guide
  • ChemCite® Research Suite
  • Chemicals Management Guide
  • Compliance Dates
  • Credits and Incentives Navigator
  • Environmental Due Diligence Guide
  • Right-to-Know Planning Guide
  • Safety Guide
  • Sample Safety Policies
  • Spill Reporting Procedures Guide
  • Waste Management Guide
  • Water Pollution Control Guide
  • Workers’ Compensation Guide

Topics Covered

Air Pollution


Chemicals Management

Coastal Zone Management

Community Right-to-Know

Drinking Water

Food Safety

General Environment and Safety

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Cleanup (Superfund)


Occupational Safety and Health

Oil and Gas Industry



Water Quality and Supply

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